The Beginning of On Hand Lotions

On Hand Lotions creates botanical skin care items by hand, from blossom to balm, using sustainably sourced and often locally grown ingredients. Owner and founder Hayna Humphries-Weems began formulating body care items because she wanted the best quality possible for her family and friends. Combining lifelong passions for natural living, science, and organic gardening, Hayna completed her first solid lotion bars in 2007. “When my children were born, our hands and faces were always chapped from frequent washing and outdoor play. Liquid lotions were messy and inconvenient to carry on our adventures and nothing was gentle enough for my babies’ eczema and sensitive skin.” Salves and balms made with homegrown flowers and beeswax from her father’s honeybees soon followed.

Hayna and her husband Benjamin launched On Hand Lotions from their home kitchen in early 2014. Folks fell in love with the products as well as Hayna and Ben’s dedication to sustainability. In 2015 On Hand Lotions moved to a small facility in Naples, NY where Hayna and a tightly knit team continue to carefully handcraft everything in small batches. This diverse line includes Sun’s Up! zinc oxide sunscreens, Bugscreen bug spray, herbal clay masks, frankincense chamomile serums, vegan deodorants, lip balms sweetened with homegrown stevia leaves, salves infused with homegrown calendula flowers, and thoughtfully-curated gift sets. All items are free of synthetic flavors, fragrance oils, sweeteners, dyes, emulsifiers.


FAQ With The Maker

Hey there! Since we’re getting to know each other a bit, I thought I’d share the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

DOES IT REALLY WORK? While I can’t predict whether every item will be a great fit for you, I can tell you that thousands of folks around the world believe in our body and skin care. Each formula undergoes many trials and tests before we decide they’re worthy of our customers, and we are careful to follow the recommendations of leading aromatherapists, herbalists, and cosmetic chemists. We also send our sunscreens for SPF testing, a costly and often lengthy procedure, because we deeply value your safety and want to ensure proper formulation.

TELL ME WHAT YOU GROW! You’ll find several homegrown flowers and herbs in our products including calendula, chamomile, arnica, plantain, red raspberry leaf, elderflower, lavender, sage, rosemary, stevia, lemon balm, and apples for vinegar. What we can’t grow, we source from nearby farmers who honor organic farming practices.

WHAT ABOUT ALLERGENS? All items are free of dairy, mango and mango butter, and peanuts. Some products do contain coconut oil, sweet almond oil, organic wheat, and/or natural shea butter. Winter Orange Soap & Shampoo bars contain egg yolks from our own flock of chickens. Our Bugscreen Repellent contains a small amount of cold-pressed organic soybean oil as it is an excellent insect repellent carrier ingredient. Please exercise caution if you are allergic to an ingredient and consult a physician before use.

DO YOU TEST ON ANIMALS? On Hand Lotions is committed to supporting a healthy planet, healthy living, and kindness. As part of this promise, we never test on animals and do not source from companies that test on animals. All products are tested only by family and friends and third-party labs when necessary before they’re released to you.

DEDICATION TO SUSTAINABILITY: Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond using fair-trade, organically grown ingredients, extending into our company culture and defining many aspects of our lifestyle. Employees are treated as partners: empowered to grow, create, and define their roles based on need and interest and ability. Our personal and company goal is minimal waste: water, trash/refuse, and energy. Our facilities (and home!) are insulated and designed for optimum energy efficiency for heating and cooling. Anything that can be safely composted, recycled, reused, or repurposed, is. Our shipping boxes are made from recycled fiber when possible, and most of our product and shipping packaging can be easily recycled. All of the air pillows, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap are on their second life, sourced from shipments received by friends and family. We do not use palm oil, conventional soybean oil, or ingredients sourced from at-risk or endangered species.

My goal is to provide you with convenient, functional, safe skin care products to keep your skin happy so you can focus on your adventures. Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about OHL. This is my passion and lifelong area of study, and I thank you for entrusting us with your skin care.


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