Upstate New York awoke to snowfall this week! At our house, the first snow turns parents and should-be-grown-ups into little kids excited for sledding and hot cocoa and woodstove heat. We head outside for chores in boots, fuzzy wool hats, and parkas. And then we begin planning the next warm meal.

A cast iron kettle sits on our wood stove, patiently waiting through the summer for these first blustery days. Finally, the house is filled with the warm spicy fragrance of fall and winter as looseleaf black tea simmers in spiced milk with bits of candied ginger and a split vanilla bean. We pour the steaming tea through a strainer into our mugs. Would you like a cup?

Chai Spice Sugar Scrub bears the scent of my favorite masala chai blend: warm toasted cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and clove tossed with vanilla, finished with a hint of black pepper kick. Organic coconut, jojoba, and rice bran oils moisturize as sugar and spices gently exfoliate, keeping your autumn skin smooth and enriched beneath those wooly sweaters. 

Gather your mug and a fresh book, because it’s high time for Chai time! (See? I told you we turn into goofy little kids!)

Our holiday shows kick off next week at Mayday! Underground in Rochester, New York. Find our full schedule here. Thank you always for your support and tolerance of my awful puns and jokes. Hope to see you again soon!