lilac circle

The first lemon balm, the last magnolias, and midseason lilacs.


A bride-to-be recently asked me to create “a stunning scent palate” for her customized bridal party gifts. Wait, what?!

No pressure or anything. Eek. More on that in a moment.

First, before I forget and before y’all ask:

Yes! We do customs. Lotion bars and lip balms and scrubs and even mini sunscreen sticks make beautiful, unique bridal shower, wedding, and baby shower favors! I’ll work with you as you choose the scent and label style, and then make sure the details are just right for your special occasion.

Drop us a message – let’s chat about your upcoming event!

Second, because shows + new products = fun:

Springtime in upstate NY means weddings, rhubarb jam, surprise rainstorms, and art shows. Fingers crossed that the latter two won’t collide! This June I’m headed to the super-hip Ithaca Festival of the Arts, the illustrious Allen West Festival in Buffalo, and the inaugural Arts on Genesee Show in Syracuse. Check the shop local page for the show calendar and event links. I can’t wait to share our new lotion bar scents, solid lotion sticks, mini sunscreens, and seasonal scrubs with you! Keep in touch via Facebook for booth location details and be sure to join the OHL Fan Group for the best specials and surveys, too.

I know this post was going somewhere. Hmm…

IMG_6666 Lilac Small Bar Square upright

Oh, right, I was going to tell you about the custom gift sets. When presenting scent options I often categorize blends and singles using words such as sugary, citrus, herbaceous, light floral, earthy, spicy, warming. It’s a lot like choosing a tasting menu. After deliberating, our bride selected “earthy citrus with floral on the side”. Her gift sets included a customized version of our Grapefruit & Geranium lotion bars, cobalt blue glass jasmine-rose perfume rollers, and a velvety sugar scrub of earthy vetiver with freshly-dried botanicals.

She loved everything and proclaimed it “the most beautiful scent palate ever”. Whoa. How does one respond to that? Well, I’m still learning to just say thank you when people say kind things so my gratitude came out rather awkwardly. It’s okay, though. And now I may need to plan a few of these sets to share with you, too. And maaaaybe I would like one for my mom’s upcoming birthday. Ahem. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, do stop by a show and tell me all about your upcoming summer adventures. Hope to see you soon.

Your scent-nerd + awkwardly-grateful friend,