Bluebird skies and fresh powder are bliss for skiers, snowboarders, and winter sports enthusiasts everywhere. As chilly as winter air can be, the last thing we usually think about is sunscreen. Turns out this is a big mistake: did you know that snow reflects up to four times as much UV radiation as beach sand or water?* And that UV exposure increases with elevation? That’s why we end up with that funky looking goggle tan if we forget the sunscreen.

Between windburn and sunburn, your face needs protection in the winter. When developing Sun’s Up! Sunscreen I knew I wanted something that would work equally well at the shore and on the ski slopes. The zinc oxide in Sun’s Up! works double duty as SPF 35+ sunscreen and a barrier to windburn while cocoa butter and coconut oil keep skin moisturized. This portable scent-free formula is safe for lips and kids. Available in two sizes: large sticks for the family’s ski bag, and small sticks for your parka pocket for touchups on the chairlift.

Do your face a favor this ski season: get Sun’s Up! sunscreen and use it. Your healthy skin will thank you later. 

Just for fun, here are some more shots from our friend Devin in Park City:

*Check out this UV fact sheet from the World Health Organization for more facts about UV exposure and sunburn risk.