Patchouli Family

People asked. (Often!) We obliged.

Dark Patchouli oil, or Pogostemon cablin, is one of those polarizing scents that has the power to enthrall or repulse depending on your nose. Which camp are you in? 

“Finally! I looooove patchouli!”


“I mean, I still like you, but dude. No patchouli.”

Wait, wait, this isn’t just patchouli, though. It’s blended with Cedarwood* and notes of responsibly sourced Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum). The result is a woodsy, warming, earthy blend of light incense that grounds and calms.

Turns out I really, really like it even though I didn’t think I would. (Even scent-makers have their hangups…) So did the many folks who tested it before it launched, some of whom claimed to hate patchouli. All you need is love, y’all.

Available now in small and medium bars in tins and lotion sticks.


Aromatherapy notes:

Patchouli is said to reduce tension and calm anxiety. In perfumery it is a powerful fixative and base note. Patchouli is available in dark and light versions. I used dark for this blend because I really wanted a rich, soft, rounded scent that wouldn’t overwhelm. Light patchouli seemed a bit too bright for this purpose.

*Cedarwood, or in this case, Juniperus virginiana, is calming, grounding, and often used in meditation blends. I chose a juniper rather than true cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) because it offered a softer scent that let the rich, dark patchouli shine through.

Sandalwood is deeply calming and wonderful for skincare. Traditional sandalwood oil (Santalum album) is sourced from an endangered species in India, prompting more sustainable cultivation of other species around the world. I choose to use Santalum spicatum from Western Australia that has been harvested in a sustainable manner from carefully managed forests.