No beating around the bush here: this winter has been brutal in Upstate NY. Three-to-four feet of snow on the ground, sub-zero temps, and more of each on the way. We’ve spent most days inside, relying on our trusty woodstove, music, books, and comfort food.

Unfortunately, with bitterly-cold weather and wood heat comes dry skin. Fortunately, we know someone who makes stuff to fix that! *ahem* Between lotion bars, the Thirsty Sisters (ha, Thirsty-Face and Thirstier facial moisturizers), and lip balm we are all set, but sometimes skin really needs a good polish to feel invigorated and smooth. Ginger & Grapefruit scrub is a favorite with its bright, sunny scent and cheerful yellow color, but I wanted something warming and wintry. I though about what signifies warmth and comfort and decided to combine them into a new spa treat.

Introducing: Oatmeal & Coffee Sugar Scrub, also known affectionately as The Breakfast Scrub!


What it smells like: described as “vanilla cookie clouds” by my kids, imagine warm vanilla and freshly-ground coffee folded into a sugary-soft oatmeal base. Not gonna lie: I want to eat this. But I won’t. Maybe. 

What it does, from the Sugar Scrub listing: Pulverized oats nourish and gently polish while coffee grounds stimulate circulation and aid exfoliation. Our blend of oils moisturizes and cleanses, leaving your skin fresh, smooth, and ready for the day (or night) without additional moisturizers.

How to use: rub a dollop of Scrub onto damp skin. Pay close attention to rough spots like hands, elbows, knees, feet. Rinse. Done.

Let me know what you think of the new Oatmeal & Coffee Scrub by leaving a comment below!