On Hand Lotions’ booth at Corn Hill Arts Festival 2015

At last weekend’s show, a lovely loyal customer happily noted that she follows us on facebook and instagram but hadn’t seen any blog posts or emails in a while. “So where you been?” she asked. I checked when I got home. It’s been a long time. You and I, we’ve got some catching up to do!

Since my embarrassingly-long-ago last post, the OHL team has: 

  • Attended seven shows plus a few private events,
  • Made a debut at the wonderful Corn Hill Arts Festival – and sold out of several items!
  • Offered a great sugar scrub deal on the new daily specials site We Are Handmade,
  • Placed a selection of products with two excellent new retailers on opposite coasts (OR and NY), and
  • Moved operations out of my house. (!!!)

The OHL team and I believe in what we do and we strive to provide you with the best product and kindest service. We love you! Really! We do. We wouldn’t be here without you, and we love hearing your stories, reading your reviews, and getting to know each of you at shows and online.

In light of this, you know how we grew and grew, and then our shipping times grew, too? Well, we didn’t like the delays either. We’ve been brainstorming for several months and recently decided to move *everything* out of our house and into a former chocolate-making facility. That’s right, On Hand Lotions now lives in A CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Hellooo. And? Our building owner/fellow resident specializes in grape pies. It’s so delicious here!

Our new space allows me to make more goodies, make them better and faster, and employ more folks so you’ll get your orders much more quickly. We’ve decided to do more shows this year, too, so our local fans can stop by, say hi, and pick up their favorites in person.

Sign up for our email list so you won’t miss my (more timely) updates about shows, products, and sales. In the meantime, keep an eye out for a candy-licious special honoring our new digs!