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Art Soap for the OHL Kids - Spring 2022

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A special release! This round is dedicated fully to my children. The first three designs reflect their personalities and the fourth represents the many places and flavors we hope to experience together one day.

Note: I've enabled "Pay what you want" pricing on this listing only. Any proceeds will go toward building memories as a family in the next months. There is no pressure to give extra; I'm making this an option only after receiving many humbling, gentle requests for ways to help or contribute to our family.

Thank you always for your support, friendship and enthusiasm. I'm excited to share these special bars with you!

  • "FLX Sunset" / A Pride rainbow and sunset over the Finger Lakes and Bristol hills, all in one bar. Design is a modified rainbow of red, yellow, green, pink, and purple clays; indigo, alkanet, woad; hardwood charcoal. Scent is clean fresh lavender and lemon grounded by clary sage.
  • "Dragon Wing" / Ethereal, moody, equal parts brooding and bright: this design blends woodgrain (similar to Hollerhorn Distilling's Ginship art soap) and kaleidoscope techniques. Mineral and botanical colors created with alkanet, Brazilian purple clay, woad, indigo, white clay, hardwood charcoal, zinc oxide. Scent is velvety, earthy and citric-herbal with bergamot, vetiver and lime zest, warmed by the tiniest amount of rose.
  • "Imagination" / So many graphic variations in this batch! Use your imagination and see how many superheroes, villains, animals and random objects you can find. Design is a combination of graffiti and grid styles incorporating our hardwood activated charcoal, clays, and iron oxides as colorants. Scent is earthy, subtle and fresh with foraged and cultivated ingredients: rosemary, pine, juniper berry, bergamot and a hint of frankincense.
  • "Chinotto" / With its sparkling veins and sunset ombre, this soap looks like striated sandstone. The scent reminds me of its namesake bitter citrus of Italy, Spain, Morocco. Design features gradients of ripe papaya and muted coral, coppery pencil lines, and a bronzed top. Scent is spicy and bright: grapefruit peel, kumquat, baby ginger, a bit of black pepper.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide. May contain essential oils, Finger Lakes grown hardwood carbon, spices, clays, botanical infusions, and mineral pigment

These soaps are bare, free of shrinkwrap and labels, and available only through the site.

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