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Art Soap

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Some say that art imitates life. Here, soap imitates art. Designed to mimic the artists' images or capture the spirit of our local collaboration partners, OHL Art Soaps feature intricate details and scents created with natural colorants including clays, spices, mineral pigments, our own hardwood carbon, and botanical infusions.

The first series of Art Soaps began on a whim in the middle of show season. We chose artist friends who work in a few different mediums: printmaking, illustration, painting, and digital design and multimedia. Each purchase promised a donation of at least 25% proceeds to the charity specified. Each beneficiary was carefully selected to represent a cause near and dear to both artist and soapmaker.

The second and third series are tributes to all of the sudden changes and emergent reliance on our local community during the COVID-19 public health emergency. With no shows or events, we found ourselves spending more time in and around our hometowns and have finally had the chance to really dive into friendships and collaborations with local folks. We hope you love the results as much as we do.

  • "Yellow-Tufted Dacnis" / Chris Charles at Moon Rabbit Press / Pink Lemonade / benefits Rainforest Trust. Bar: soft yellow tonal grid with pink, green, and white accents.
  • "Monarch" / Christi Sobel / Fresh Orange / benefits The Xerces Society. Bar: Grid design mimicking Monarch wing patterns with papaya orange, black, silver, white, and yellow.
  • "The Phoenix" featuring "New Paltz" / Jen Born at PS Enjoy Your Life / Sweet Mint / benefits The Trevor Project. Bar: Cream with rising Phoenix design in black, purple, and shades of orange and pink.
  • "Ginship" / Hollerhorn Distilling / Scent: Soft citrus, complex botanicals, classic gin aromatics, spent organic barley infusion. Bar: Shades of dark gray and white layered to look like aged barnwood or ocean waves.
  • "Malt in Motion" / Hollerhorn Distilling / Scent: Single malt whiskey soap! Warm with organic barley grown in New York, smoky peat from Scotland, sweet rich vanilla bean, lightly exfoliating grains, cold smoked with toasted oak. Bar: Medium brown speckled bar with cream line accents.
  • "Seaglass" / A collaboration with several gardening friends from New York to Brasil / Scent: Fresh florals, clean sea salt, bright citrus, amber musk created with jasmine, mock orange, lavender, lilac, and other extracts. *This is a strong scent.* Bar: Turquoise, dark blue, white and purple swirls reminiscent of sea glass.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide. May contain essential oils, Finger Lakes grown hardwood carbon, spices, clays, botanical infusions, and mineral pigment

All soap packaging including the shrink wrap is fully compostable except the small sticker on the Art Soap labels.

Past Art Soaps:

  • "Love Not Hate" / Susan Carmen-Duffy at Create Art 4 Good / Lavender Fennel / benefits the ACLU. Bar: thick swirls of dark plum, black, and cream.
  • "Fruition's Rainbow" / Fruition Seeds / Herbal with spearmint, peppermint, and rosemary infusions. Bar: cream-colored with poppy seeds and a swath of rainbow tie dye in the middle.
  • "Aphrodite" / Mortalis Brewing / Orange chocolate malt with dark cocoa, cacao nib infusion, milk stout, vanilla buttercream, a hint of orange. Bar: layers of dark brown cocoa with shimmery copper veining.
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