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Baby Balm

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Safe for cloth and disposable diapers, Baby Balm has been tested by diaper services and moms alike! This balm also works well as a zinc-oxide-free balm: just be sure to use a separate stick for diapering.

Now available in compostable paperboard tubes!

Baby Balm glides on easily and provides a gentle, smooth, protective barrier while nourishing organic butters and oils moisturize. Coconut oil, lavender essential oil, calendula and chamomile-infused oils, cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, and jojoba oil moisturize and protect skin from chafing and wetness. Calming scent soothes baby and mama alike.

Scent: Very light, all-natural scent of lavender, calendula, and cocoa butter.

Ingredients: rice bran oil*, sweet almond oil* solar-infused with calendula * and chamomile* flowers, coconut oil*, beeswax, cocoa butter*, natural shea butter, jojoba oil*, lavender oil*, tea tree oil*

*organically grown

Not recommended for use on yeast rashes as the yeast will contaminate the Balm.

Please use only one stick per child to maintain cleanliness.

Always change baby's diaper as soon as possible after wetting or soiling to prevent rashes and keep skin healthy.

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