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Bugscreen Repellent Spray - 8 oz

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NEW JUNE 2024: Twice the volume and three times as potent as previous versions, and free of soy, apple and vinegar. Bugscreen Spray is an all-natural insect repellent powered by organic plant extracts and essential oils, rice bran oil and distilled witch hazel for safe, effective, herbal protection from mosquitoes.

No soy, wheat, DEET, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or dyes/colorants.

This listing is for EIGHT ounces of Bugscreen natural repellent in a green BPA-free bottle with either an atomizer spray cap or disc dispenser cap. While we typically do not use plastic bottles, we still have several cases from the community hand sanitizer project and want to put them to good use.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before each use. Apply liberally to all exposed skin, footwear and cuffs by spraying directly or applying with a clean soft cloth. Reapply as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Witch Hazel Extract* (14% alcohol), Water, Rice Bran Oil*, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus*, Extracts of Lemongrass*, Geranium*, Citronella*, Lavender*, Peppermint* *Organically grown


  • Not for use on infants. Keep out of eyes and mouth. Do not apply to children's hands. Do not use on broken or irritated skin. Rinse with water to remove. For sensitive skin, apply a small amount to inner forearm to test. If ingested, do not induce vomiting; drink plain water and promptly seek medical attention. Consult a veterinarian before using on pets. Store in cool dry place away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
  • May stain or damage some fabrics and surfaces; spot test first.
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