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Hand-dipped Bayberry and/or Beeswax Candles

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I'm so happy to share these! You'll receive a pair of hand-dipped candles with cotton wicks. Choose from two options: 100% New England beeswax *or* a blend of hand-rendered New England bayberry wax and NYS beeswax.

100% Beeswax standard tapers, 8" length, 7/8" diameter at base

Bayberry-Beeswax blend small tapers, 4.25"-4.5" length, 5/8" diameter at base

To minimize dripping:

Keep away from open windows, fans or any excessive airflow.

Place your hand behind flame when blowing out. To minimize smoke, use a snuffer to extinguish flame.

Unlike most candles that require diligent trimming before each lighting, please do NOT trim the burnt wick on these between burns. Please light the wick as it is.

When we lived on the shore, the kids and I began an annual tradition of making tiny candles from foraged Northern Bayberries. (Morella pensylvanica, formerly known as Myrica pensylvanica.) I'd stay up far too late simmering pails of the tiny gray fruit, painstakingly skimming the fragrant wax as it rendered and floated to the surface. We'd dip hemp string into a mason jar of the wax to create small candles to be burned on New Year's Eve.

Several incredibly kind, generous friends picked and mailed gallons of New England bayberries to me last fall. Rendering, filtering and dipping bayberry again brought back the sweetest memories. It's deeply satisfying to share them with you!

Tradition dictates burning an entire bayberry candle in one sitting, often on auspicious dates like New Year's Eve and Winter Solstice, to ensure good health and prosperity.

"A bayberry candle/ Burned to the socket/ Brings food to the larder/And gold to the pocket."

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