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Hollerhorn Ginship Soap

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NOTE: This collaboration is currently available only from our friends at Hollerhorn Distilling.

Scent: Soft citrus, complex botanicals, classic gin aromatics, spent organic barley infusion.

Bar: Shades of dark gray and white layered to look like aged barnwood or ocean waves. Colored with our activated hardwood charcoal.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide. May contain essential oils, Finger Lakes grown activated hardwood charcoal, clays, botanical infusions, mineral pigment

All soap packaging including the shrink wrap is fully compostable.

Net weight at least 3 oz (85g). Please note that our cold process soap will become harder and milder with age, and is also safe and gentle to use now. For a longer lasting bar, store on a draining soap dish or hang in a soap saver bag out of the shower's direct spray.

Add a soap saver bag:

Loofah Net (original): Gently exfoliating, maximum lather, dries very quickly, ideal for travel. Made of recycled plastic; recyclable.

Sisal Bag (new): Softer fabric texture, creamier lather, longer to dry, ideal for home and delicate skin. Natural compostable materials.

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