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Mix & Match: Facial Care Gift Set

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A collection of our favorites arrives tucked inside a fabric drawstring bag ready for gifting.

What's in the set:

Thirsty Face Facial Moisturizing Serum: beautifully moisturizing serum infused with our homegrown calendula and chamomile flowers. 15 ml green glass bottle
Thirstier Facial Moisturizing Serum: perfect for extra dry or mature skin, Thirstier is enriched with organic argan oil and frankincense. 15 ml green glass bottle


Soothing Toning Mist 1 oz bottle: ideal for dry or sensitive skin. Alcohol free.

Clarifying Toning Mist 1 oz bottle: great for oily or acne-prone skin. Alcohol free.


Sweet Rice Facial Cleanser 2 oz bottle: ideal for dry or combination skin

Bristol Woods French Green Clay Soap 3 oz bar: wonderful for oily or acne-prone skin


LEMON TART: lemon meringue pie-in-a-tube. The mildly sweet, bright lemon, and vanilla flavors make this the most popular lip balm flavor at On Hand Lotions. Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, sweet almond oil*, stevia extract*, vanilla oleoresin*, lemon essential oil*
VEGAN MINT glides over dry lips with rich, nourishing jojoba oil. Cooling peppermint and sweet stevia round out this fresh-smelling, tasty lip balm. This balm is firmer than the others and makes a good summertime lip balm. Ingredients: candelilla wax*, coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, jojoba oil*, natural shea butter, stevia extract*, peppermint essential oil*
CINNAMON COCOA tastes like hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon. This balm appears light brown from the organic cocoa powder but is transparent when applied. Ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, natural shea butter, cocoa powder*, stevia extract*, vanilla oleoresin*, cinnamon essential oil*
WHITE CHOCOLATE has a chocolate scent with a hint of organic vanilla and light stevia sweetness, kind of like a white chocolate truffle. Ingredients: coconut oil*, cocoa butter*, beeswax, vanilla oleoresin*, stevia extract*
*organically grown

For a decadent facial, add SMOOTHIE SCRUB:

Smoothie Facial & Manicure Scrub: luxurious, gentle polishing blend of finely ground oats, lavender and calendula flowers, sugar, argan oil, carrot seed extract, and other rich botanicals. NEW 2 oz squeeze bottle

For a complete spa set, add an organic cotton FACE CLOTH:

Hand knit by Mr. OHL (Ben) in a simple clean pattern perfect for removing clay masks or gently steaming your facial oil treatment. Organic undyed preshrunk cotton. Machine wash and dry.

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