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Night-Night Aromatherapy Roller


Night-Night Aromatherapy Roller 00461

Soothing, calming organic lavender and German chamomile essential oils are blended with organic vanilla oleoresin in a fractionated (non-solidifying) coconut oil base for a soft, gentle scent that enhances relaxation naturally. Baby-safe. We also like this as a lovely, soft, natural perfume. This dreamy blend travels well in a 10mL blue glass roller bottle with a roller ball.

To use: gently swirl the roller bottle to ensure even distribution of your oils. Apply to pulse points and behind ears, and anywhere you will inhale the relaxing vapors. A little goes a long way!

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil*, lavender and German chamomile essential oils*, vanilla oleoresin*

*certified organic

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Night-Night Aromatherapy Roller Night-Night Aromatherapy Roller