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Hey all! It's no secret that I love experimenting with ingredients and techniques, and I set aside plenty of time to "play" in the shop kitchen. Sometimes I get regular R&D work done, and sometimes I'll come up with new items that might not fit neatly into the OHL line but are too fun and interesting to keep to myself. Items listed here will be made once, maybe twice if the production schedule allows for it, as most are intended to be limited time offerings.

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Lemonade + Cotton Candy Body Scrub - 5 oz. premium body scrub

"Looks like tie dye, smells like summer." This scrub is my all-natural answer to the popular unicorn scrub trend. Naturally colorful clays in pinks and purples create a mottled tie dye effect in a moisturizing, exfoliating base of sugar with coconut, jojoba, and rice bran oils. Lemonade + Cotton Candy smells like a swirl of my favorite childhood carnival scents: the fresh citrus of icy lemonade, cotton candy sweetness in a spun sugar cloud, a hint of coconut from the grown-ups' tropical drinks.

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