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Soap Dishes: Sustainable, Stylish, Smart

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The secret to bar soap love is letting your bar drain thoroughly in between uses. Make your natural bar soap last as long as possible by choosing a well-constructed, quality soap dish. Our dishes are handmade in the USA from sustainable wood sources and are designed to maximize the life of your bars. OHL Soap & Shampoo bars fit comfortably on all soap dish styles.

We offer five styles:

  • Zigzag FLAT: Streamlined, hearty, efficient. This heavy dish allows soap to drain and dry very quickly thanks to its deep zigzag channels that minimize the dish's contact with your soap. Flat bottom. Choose from three wood types, keeping in mind the natural variations for each wood type:
    • Poplar: cool tones vary in color from white to light cream to soft mint green
    • Beech: warm tones vary in color from very pale pink to light red with a speckled wood grain
    • Birch: neutral tones in creamy beige-blonde

    • Zigzag LIFT (new Autumn 2022): Same as our Zigzag FLAT but with an arched bottom to lift most of the dish off the sink or shower, allowing the dish to dry a bit faster. Available in poplar with cool tones from white to light cream to soft mint green.
    • Reclaimed Rainbow: classic rustic soap deck style with a fun eco-friendly twist. Squee! These lovely one-of-a-kind dishes are handcrafted from reclaimed wood in natural colors. Reclaimed Rainbow dishes are open on the bottom, maximizing airflow so your soap dries quickly. Reclaimed wood is safe for frequent contact and comes from kitchen utensil- and cabinet-grade sources. Note 10/2020: new style is heavier duty than the old slimline style.
    • Ladder: modern, smooth, sleek. Low-profile pieced ladder style allows your soap to dry thoroughly, and the raised outer edge keeps your bar on the dish. Open at the bottom, neutral light wood tone, smooth rungs. These are available in limited quantities.
    • Ladder and Tray Set or Reclaimed Rainbow and Tray Set: For neater sinks and counters, add a carved wood tray to catch any draining water. The tray's raised lip secures your soap dish and traps soapy drip water. These work best with Ladder Style and Reclaimed Rainbow Style dishes. They do not work well on their own as soap dishes because the bar sits directly in the water.

    To extend the lives of your soap dishes, use them in pairs. Use one dish for 2-3 weeks, then switch to the second dish for 2-3 weeks to allow the first dish to dry completely. Rotating your soap dishes will prevent mold and mildew from growing on your dishes (eww) and greatly extend the life of your soap and soap dishes (yay)!

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