summer bugscreen bug spray

Day hikes. Picnics. Wading in the creek. S’mores. Counting fireflies.

It’s summer time! This mom- and dad-of-three-littles carry backpacks to handle all (well, most) of the kids’ needs that come up during a summer day outside. Here’s what you’ll find in our current family pack:

  • family-sized scent-free Sun’s Up! zinc oxide sunscreen sticks that double as SPF for lips, too
  • wide-brimmed hats
  • a bottle of Bugscreen repellent bug spray
  • reusable water bottles: insulated Klean Kanteens keep water cool
  • Fix-It balm and bandages for the inevitable scrapes
  • a roll of compostable toilet paper in a waterproof bag
  • Out & About hand sanitizer; works great after catching snails and before meals
  • a couple cloth handkerchiefs
  • pocket knife
  • compact nylon tote bag for found treasures and wild edibles

We hope you’re having a beautiful, safe, adventurous July. If you’re in NY, stop by and see us at a show and tell us about your summer!