‘Tis the week before cutoff

And all through the shop

Shipping label printers

Are printing nonstop.


The pick lists are piled,

The glitter it shines,

The coffeepot protests

As it works overtime.


A hundred orders down,

Boxes head out the door.

The end is in sight! Wait –

CHA-CHING! There’s one more!


The lotions, the serums,

The gift set for Mom,

And now five more countries

have Glitter Beard Balm.


And it’s still sunscreen season,

much to our wonder,

for summer’s just starting

for the good folks Down Under.


We’re grateful, in awe

That you love our stuff so,

And hope you’ll appreciate

The humor we’ve shown,


For behind every item

We’ve shipped to your hands

Stands a team so thankful

For our friends known as fans.


This holiday season

We send you good cheer

And best wishes for a healthy

And happy New Year!



Hayna & the On Hand Lotions team